Embrace in Progress

A series of sculptures that reveal the seemingly interminable feeling of vulnerability brought on by an embrace.
Embrace in Progress explores conflicted feelings of shared intimacy, it is inspired by my research about time, 3D scanning technology, and personal experiences with physical intimacy. The project was influenced by slit-scan photography and uses depth sensors to capture a series of intimate embraces. These 3D printed pieces recreate the act of embracing and are represented in a static form by the flow of movement twisted because of time. The final pieces reference classical sculptural composition while exploring new ways of approaching representation of motion and time.



Rosalie is an artist, designer, and a former Research Fellow at NYU Tisch’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, ITP. The cornerstone of Rosalie‘s work is the use of emerging photo- (depth photography, photogrammetry) and 3D-technology to demonstrate how capturing the z-axis can further unfold the real world and introduce new perspectives. Rosalie’s works have been exhibited at the Queens Museum and New York Hall of Science, and featured in the Creators Project and Wired Magazine. She is currently a creative technologist at the Brown Institute for Media Innovation, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.


Gabe Barcia-Colombo, David Rios and Sanniti P., Laura Chen, Predro Oliveira, Julia Irwin, Jonathan Sparks, Becky, Dana Reginiano, Ben Gullard. Jerllin Cheng, Jeff Ong, Alon Chitayat, Ziv Schneider, Billy Dang, Federico Burch, Xuedi Chen, Pam Liou, Dimelsa A Medina, Adarsh Kosuru, Vicci Ho, and Justin Restauri. 

Kyle Mcdonald, James Jeorge, Alexander Porter, Mike Allison, Marina Zurkow, Georgia Krantz, Nancy Hechinger, and David Lobser. Advance Media Studio, Todd Bryan, Ryan Speak, Brian Braganza, and Clay Budin for his 3D scanning technology and support. 


Huggers: Kyle Greenberg, Ran Mo, Sharon Lee De La Cruz, Magdalena Kovarik, Devin Curry, Rena Anakwe, Clara Juliana Santamaria Vargas, Fletcher Bach, Zhen Liu, and students from dance and acting departments.

ITP and the Yu family.